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SKU: GP200
An outstanding assortment of replacement parts for Grover® tuners. All those bushings, screws and washers in a handy tray for all your repair needs.
Price: $222.60

Additional Product Information
The Grover® Parts Tray includes:

12 Nickel Rotomatic Bushings
12 Chrome Rotomatic Bushing
12 Black Rotomatic Bushings
12 Gold Rotomatic Bushings
12 Chrome SHT Rotomatic Bushings
12 Nickel Rotomatic Washers
12 Chrome Rotomatic Washers
12 Black Rotomatic Washers
12 Gold Rotomatic Washers
12 Nickel Sta Tite Bushings
12 Chrome Sta Tite Bushings
12 Gold Sta Tite Bushings
12 Chrome Imperial Bushings
12 Gold Imperial Bushings
72 Nickel Wood Screws
72 Black Wood Screws
72 Gold Wood Screws
12 Nickel Button Screws
12 Black Button Screws
12 Gold Button Screws
72 Spring Washers
72 Nylon Washers

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