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WD Custom Pickguard Prewired With Kent Armstrong Full Fusion Pickups For Fender Jazz Bass

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WD® Custom Pickguard Prewired With Kent Armstrong® Full Fusion Pickups For Fender® Jazz Bass®

Our standard wired assemblies come with a white/black/white pickguard but other color guards are available at a slight additional charge (please email for further info)

The following pickup(s) are used in this assembly


Alnico magnets / D.C. resistance = 8.3K for bridge pickup and 8.1K for neck pickup - Following shortly after the introduction of the hum-cancelling split-P pickup, the now classic Jazz pickups have a characteristic single coil tone which has an added bonus: since they are wound and magnetized opposite from each other, they cancel hum when used together at the same volume! Many players are unaware of this added bonus.


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