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Bourns Pro Audio PDB183 Mini Guitar Potentiometer With Push-Pull Switch 20% Tolerance 250 kohm -500 kohm

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Bourns® Pro Audio PDB183 Mini Guitar Potentiometer With Push-Pull Switch ±20% Tolerance 250 kohm -500 kohm

Bourns® Pro Audio PDB183
  • Carbon element
  • Metal bushing
  • Standard Bushing 3/8 in.
  • Metal shaft
  • DPDT push-pull switch
  • RoHS Compliant

Since these potentiometers have two separate resistance elements they are equivalent to a dual-gang potentiometer like a Fender® TBX® which has 2 potentiometers on one shaft (not the same as a dual concentric stack-knob potentiometer with 1 shaft inside the other). Here are some suggestions for wiring the dual elements:

  • For redundancy try running jumpers to connect both elements together. This way if one element gets dirty the other one might not.
  • You can hook 2 different pickups to one knob: one to each element with different tone caps. I like a .015 or .022uf for treble pickups and .05 or .1uf for neck pickups. Don't turn the .1uf tone all the way down, use it to just roll off a certain high frequency band that makes even a Telecaster® neck pickup sound like a jazz-box arch top
  • If you have to isolate 2 pickups from each other and you are limited to one hole for a tone control you can wire one pickup to each wafer and only the grounds are common

Our custom Bourns PDB183 push/pull pot is a little different than your normal design because it features two sets of lugs on the stacked pot. You can use these as a volume or tone control for two pickups with one pot/knob. Plus you have the push-pull switch as well for splitting humbuckers, or a variety of other potentials needing two switches (DPDT).


Resistance Options:
  • 250 kohm
  • 500 kohm
Shaft Options:
  • Split Knurled Shaft (18 Tooth)
  • Solid Shaft

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