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Black Cherry USA Hollow Point Intonation System For Double Locking Tremolos

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Black Cherry USA® Hollow Point® Intonation System For Double Locking Tremolos

The Hollow Point® is a replacement guitar part specifically designed to help players, technicians or anyone performing guitar repair to set the intonation on a double locking guitar tremolo accurately and efficiently. They have been designed to reduce much of the headache that can be associated with repositioning the bridge saddles while tuning and setting the intonation on a guitar.

In addition to reducing set-up time, Hollow Points® improve the overall appearance of the bridge, giving it a more stout, meaner look!

Hollow Points® were designed as a retro-fit intonation tool for the time-tested, gold standard of double locking tremolo units – the Floyd Rose® Tremolo System. Even though they will work on many variations of the original Floyd Rose® & Licensed units, including the Ibanez® Edge® Trems, our Hollow Points® work best on the recessed or low profile tremolos for maximum preservation of fine tuning range.

Once a set of Hollow Points® is installed, our BLITZ Method® of intonation is a systematic approach to setting the intonation more efficiently with greater accuracy and increased tuning stability.

Constructed of solid brass, each Hollow Point® is proudly designed in the USA. In addition to increasing the efficiency and ease of set-up, other benefits include improved appearance, increased mass, sustain and tone.


Each set of Hollow Points® comes with:
  • 6 Hollow Point® Intonation Inserts
  • 6 Threaded Set Screws
  • 1-3mm Hex Wrench
  • 1-2.5mm Hex Wrench
  • 1-2mm Hex Wrench

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