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The Grover Titan Series Bass tuners have tons of great features including: self aligning thrust bearings, special butterfly-shaped keys and end thrust bearings. The durable cast housing securely holds the worm gear in a perfect mesh with the ring gear. The safety-type string post has cutaway shoulders to prevent slip-over. The mounting plate is securely fastened by two screws in housing apron which provides extra holding power. This bass tuning key set may be used with all modern bass guitar head stocks. Each tuner is individually hand tested to ensure accurate and smooth operation. Screws and bushings included.
Price: $167.50

Additional Product Information
Important Specs and Dimensions

Gear ratio = 20:1
String Post Height = 1 1/3 in. (33.7mm)
String Post Diameter = 33/64 in (13mm)
Bushing O.D. = 21/32 in. (16.7mm)
Bushing I.D. = 33/64 in. (13.2mm)
Mounting Plate Length Top to Bottom = 1 37/64 in. (40.2mm) Mounting Screw Hole location at Bottom of Plate 1/2 in. (13mm) apart
String Post Location = 3/4 in. (19.1mm) from horizon line of bottom Mounting Holes Centered

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