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For decades it has always been wood and steel constructed instruments. Stonetone® introduces upgrades for all stringed instrument comprised of a bridge system. These Patented and Trademarked rock blocks are made of granite, and designed to enhance and strengthen the sound of your tremolo-equipped instrument across the entire audio spectrum. After installing a Stone Tone® Rock Block, the guitar's clarity, sustain, and overall tone will be improved equally in all ranges of the fret board, the extraordinary results of this upgrade are indisputable. Made from Volcano Black Absolute Granite, the Stone Tone sustain block is one of the top tier upgrades for any Tremolo System, with a compression strength of 19,000 psi, a tension strength of 700 psi—the material these blocks are made of is the fourth densest on earth next to Diamond, Carbon and Quartz. The untampered material used to form these blocks has an inherent crystalline atomic structure which has ideal resonant qualities, and naturally increases sustain and amplitude on any  tremolo across all frequency ranges. Our focus is on the "Tremolo Block" which is a very important part in the chain of tone.  Signal loss is what we eliminate while unlocking the full potential of your guitars performance.  Installing a Stone Tone® Rock Block is the answer to those who want "That" tone they've been searching for. Rock Blocks react under vibrating pressure in a completely different way as all the metal blocks do. Weight and mass are important yet the reactions of the materials used is also as big of concern to validate which "reaction of composition" is best for the purpose, science proves Granite is the optimum choice for string pressure, tension and vibration. 37mm Rock Block is 2.4 oz. compared to the 8 oz. Fat Brass Big Block 37 mm. Granite, when quarried in its natural state, is not only of an ideal density for the purpose of sustain, but also has a crystalline atomic structure which is ideal for sonic transference -- it requires no factory processing or dilution, and the natural change in sound, upon installation, is so drastic that signal loss from the guitar to the amplifier will be decreased by at least 30%. The Stone Tone® Rock Block is compatible with the Floyd Rose Original Tremolo System and its derivatives, as well as many licensed models. Comes with stainless steel sustain block mounting screws.
Price: $166.00

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