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Kluson® Modern Bolt Bushing To Vintage Push-In Cosmetic Adapter Kit For Vintage Stamped Steel Tuning Machines

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Kluson®'s new hex bolt adapter bushing kit allows you to take a modern production or vintage instrument that was bored out for larger die cast tuning peg holes and convert the peghole to a vintage size without losing the hex head diecast appearance from the front. The specially designed washer fits neatly under the hex head push-in bushing to maintain a clean conversion appearance while making a conversion to Kluson® Vintage Stamped Steel Series tuning machines. This conversion bushing is for 1/4 in. or 6 mm string posts and cosmetically keeps your instrument looking like it has screw-in hex head bushings.

Sold in sets of (6) bushings with (6) matching washers.


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