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Gotoh Carbon Fiber Spacer For Kluson Stamped Steel Tuning Machines

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Gotoh® Carbon Fiber Spacer For Kluson® Stamped Steel Tuning Machines

This carbon fiber spacer fits underneath Kluson® stamped steel tuning machines and prevents them from leaving an imprint on the back of the headstock. Set is for 3 per side or 6 in line individual tuning machines (not on a plate).

What's CARD?
  • C - Carbon Fiber
    Made from a specially formulated carbon fiber composite resin, CARD is both lightweight and extremely durable.
  • A - Align Center
    CARD features a centering guide molded into the base that insures correct string post positioning in relation to the tuning machine bushing.
  • R - Resonant
    The high-density CARD material transfers string vibration to the instrument headstock more efficiently, improving sustain and harmonics.
  • D - Defend
    The CARD base is .05 mm thicker than the inside cavity of the tuning machine cover and acts as a spacer to prevent damage to the headstock finish due from sharp metal edges and over-tightening of mounting screws.


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