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SKU: TE-1G20
This pickguard will only fit genuine U.S. manufacture Fender® Telecasters® from the 1950's to present day and post 2002 made in Mexico Fender® Telecasters®. Originally offered only in thin, non beveled material, we offer this pickguard in a myriad of materials. Pickup height adjustment screw holes available through the drop down boxes for the neck pickup.

This pickguard will NOT fit an imported Fender instrument from manufacturing plants in Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia or pre-2002 Mexico. This will not fit a Squier® instrument either. You will need to submit a tracing to our custom shop for those imported instruments due to the neck pocket size and shape, mounting hole locations, control plate cutaway size and bridge width variations. Tracing Instructions

If you are looking for the Fender® Esquire® pickguard (without a neck pickup) in 5 or 8 mounting hole configuration use part #ESQ-5XX to order that version.

If you are looking for a Nashville Telecaster® please order using part# TEN-1XX (XX = color code of material)

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