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The Fender® Stratocaster® Elite was issued in 1983 and discontinued by Fender® a year later in 1984. This model Strat® had some very innovative electronics, notably three individual push-button pickup selectors instead of the common 5 way selector switch and larger sized pickups that had an additional coil to afford noise cancellation and active electronics. The electronics from this model Strat® are the predecessor of the active electronics for the Eric Clapton signature series Stratocaster®. (The original pickups are not the same size as the common single coils, Lace pickups or the noiseless pickups used in most Fender® Stratocasters® or the Eric Clapton® signature series model.)

*** This pickguard will NOT fit a standard or signature series Fender® Stratocaster® or any import version of a Stratocaster®. It is a unique, one-off design in shape and mounting pattern.

We have added options for replacement of the original odd siized pickups for standard single coils as well as replacing the three push buttons for a 5-way blade switch as common to a Standard U.S. Fender® production Stratocaster®.

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