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Dan Armstrong® Effects

Dan Armstrong® Original Effects and Sound Modifiers. Sound Modifiers were designed to plug directly into the output of a guitar or bass guitar to give the player fingertip control of the sound, but they work just as well plugged into an electric keyboard or the output of any electronic accessory.

Each unit has a specific effect or function, but several of them may be combined by plugging one into another to produce more complex effects. Any musician, who wishes to use these units at the input of the amplifier, rather than at the instrument, need simply interchange two color-coded wires inside the box.Now, for the first time in two decades, Dan Armstrong's original designs are once again in handmade production in the United States.

Grafton Electronics has taken over the detailed, hand assembly of these innovative and uniquely designed effects devices. Now, musicians around the world can jam using some of the finest designed and produced boxes ever known.

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