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SKU: ZS-14
Builders for years have sworn that the zero fret is the best way to get the lowest action possible with the most tone because the string is always in contact with a metal fret, whether you are fingering a chord or playing open strings. Now the innovators at Zero Glide have done exactly that WITHOUT having to modify your instrument!

The Zero Glide fits a standard nut slot and gives you both a zero fret AND a properly slotted nut. Not only does this give you constant contact with the metal frets, it also reduces the string height at the nut, and reduces downward string pressure. This newly designed Zero Glide nut reduces the string contact point at the nut by 93% from a standard nut thickness of 3/16 in. to a mere 1/64 in. Zero Glide eliminates string "hang-up" issues associated with an improperly cut nut, thus strings glide freely when bent or when using a tremolo returning to pitch every time. The nut, which is a softer material than the strings, will no longer wear due to the constant sawing motion of the strings, with the last contact point as the metal Zero Glide fret, this also eliminates your expense and down-time in repair shops.Install a Zero Glide nut on your guitar today and experience the difference yourself. You'll be asking the same question we did. Why didn't someone think of this a long time ago?
Price: $30.00

Additional Product Information
Important Specs and Dimensions:

Radius = 16 in.
String Spacing = 1 15/32 in. (37.5mm)
Overall length = 1 3/4 in. (44.5mm)
End Height = 7/16 in. (11mm)
Center Height = 29/64 in. (11.7mm)
Width = 15/64 in. (5.9mm)

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