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WD® Vintage Screw Shop In A Box Guitar Slot Head Screws Assortment

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Price $149.95
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This is the perfect screw assortment for those vintage applications requiring slot head screws. The additional discount purchasing as a kit makes it an unbeatable value. Everything from correct neck mount screws to switch mount screws, in a conveniently labeled twelve compartment case.


The WDVS2_SHOP contains

50 Slot head Fender® neck mount screws FNC/SL
50 Slot head humbucker PU height screws HPHC/SL
100 Slot head pickguard screws PGFC/SL
50 Slot head bridge mount/strap button screws SBSC/SL
50 Vintage slot head Strat® jackplate screws SJSC/SL
100 Slot head switch mount screws SWMSC/SL
50 Slot head bridge PU mounting screws TEBPUSC/SL
50 Slot head Tele® intonation screws TEISC/SL
50 Slot head Tele® saddle height screws, long TESHL/SL
50 Slot head Tele® saddle height screws, short TESHS/SL
100 Slot head tuning machine screws TMSC/SL
50 Slot head neck pickup screws TPUSC/SL
1 Twelve compartment screw shop box


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