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WD® Custom Pickguard For Fender® 1990's Jag-Stang®

SKU: JGS-1200
5.00 (1 reviews)
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This replacement pickguard is made to fit the Fender® Jag-Stang® produced in the mid-1990's. This pickguard will not fit the made in Japan reissue model. While many manufacturers may make a similar model instrument, this does not mean each pickguard of this type is interchangeable. If the design of your pickguard varies (country of origin, manufactured date, non-Fender® manufactured) from that pictured, you may be required to submit a tracing for a custom order.



Please Note: Main pickguard image is a graphical representation of the pickguard you will receive and is not a photograph. Pickguard material swatch showing beveled edge and screw hole is a genuine photograph of the material used and is much more accurate in appearance to the pickguard you will receive. Due to the nature of these materials and variations in mobile or desktop screens, lighting, or print, the pickguard material you receive may differ slightly in pattern or hue to that pictured.


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Global Rating: 5.00 from 1 reviews
WD® Custom Pickguard For Fender® 1990's Jag-Stang® 5.0
Review By Amp Attic

Perfect Replacement

Was restoring a 1995 Jagstang. It had a replacement pickguard and upgraded electronics. We restored it to its original glory thanks to WD!

Perfect replacement part. Fit was exactly what you would expect from the original. Note that if you have an upgraded humbucker - you will need to remove any humbucker cover on the pickup for a perfect fit.

WD® Custom Pickguard For Fender® 1990's Jag-Stang® 5.0
Review By Brett Edwards


I assume everything's good. I trust the company, and everything arrived on time.
I haven't opened the package.

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