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The LR Baggs® Violin Pickup has set the standard since its inception over a decade ago. Top pros like Darol Anger, Michael Doucet, Alison Krauss, Laurie Lewis, Mark O'Connor and Jean-Luc Ponty rely on the LR Baggs® Violin Pickup to convey their music to audiences around the world. The LR Baggs® Violin Pickup is a bridge with a miniature vibration transducer cast right into it for maximum sensitivity and signal transfer. Being an integral part of the bridge it effortlessly traces the natural sound and dynamics of the instrument. The transducer has a selective admittance pattern and is aligned so the signal is generated as the bridge moves in a left-right motion in response to the strings vibrations. The transducer also rejects any impulse directed to the plane of the bridge, minimizing annoying finger squeaks, body noise and feedback. The LR Baggs® Violin Pickup is built into a premium quality bridge. Its performance will be consistent and it will not harm the tone of your favorite violin. In comparison, 'stuck on' or 'wedged in' type pickups mute the instrument's natural acoustic sound and do not offer consistent performance. Our Violin Pickup is handmade with pride, using the finest quality materials and proven technology. Each pickup is qc tested and carries a one year warranty.

Jack not included.
Price: $169.00

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