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TonePros Standard Stop Tailpiece

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Price $60.50 - $70.75
This product is unavailable for orders from Austrailia, Japan or EU
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TonePros® Standard Stop Tailpiece

This is the new locking version of the US thread stop tailpiece that secures solidly to your guitar and won 't come loose or fall out when the strings are out. This model fits your Gibson® Les Paul®, SG®, 335®, as well as many other American guitars with US threads. What TonePros® Components Do For You:

TonePros® components completely solidify your instrument! Your System II bridge will not only just stay on, our system solidifies your bridge in place like stone! In most cases after installation and adjustment, your bridge and tailpiece will not move or “wiggle” at all. Because of TonePros® design, even play or movement in the threads is reduced so that when you adjust your action and intonation, it is set and solid. This of course improves your sustain and tonal qualities, makes harmonics “jump” out of your guitar, and causes your instrument to play and stay in tune better.

Use Your Vintage Instrument:

It is now possible for musicians to actually use their “vintage” instruments without the fear of marring and modification and still get ultimate results. Put those vintage components back in the case where they belong for preservation while you play your favorite guitar with improved tonal qualities. Simply reinstall the old, preserved components when you go to show or sell that special instrument.

New Instruments:

If your new or recently purchased instrument did not come with System II components installed at the factory, simply replace your current bridge & tailpiece with our upgraded components. Just adjust and then secure with the allen tool provided, and your guitar will play and stay in tune better. Your guitar will not come apart when the strings are taken off and it will sound and sustain like never before!

Do The Test For Yourself

Next time you have the strings off of your guitar, hold your bridge between your thumb and index finger while it still rests on your guitar and wiggle it. If it moves (and it will), you are not getting the intonation and harmonics you deserve, especially after the size of the investment you have made in that special guitar. The greater the wiggle, the greater the problem. TonePros® Patent Issued components have the solution, isn't it time you get the tone and results you expect and deserve?


TonePros® Standard (US/Imperial Thread) Tailpiece
Thread= 5/16 – 24 US Thread
Stud to Stud Spacing= 3.22 in./ 82mm
Tailpiece Material= Zmac
Stud Material= Brass
Stud Cap Size= 13mm/.5in
Center-to-Center Stud Spacing= 3.25 inches

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