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This Fender® Telecaster® replacement bridge is a direct replacement for all vintage Tele's from the 1950's, 60's and 70's except it offers you the ability to top load your strings or use the traditional string-through-body with correct to vintage string thru locations. The pickup rout is the traditional three mounting screw single coil which use the triangular mounting screw pattern commonly found on the vintage Telecaster® guitars. It comes with the original 3 brass saddles guiding 2 strings each, just like Leo designed it except these saddles are angle cut on the ends and the intonation screw is angle drilled to offer you a vintage appearance saddle but with vastly improved intonation by angling the saddles. The plate is made from stamped steel and the saddles are brass to give you the vintage twang with the brass tone Teles are known for. Includes 4 mounting screws and allen wrench for saddle adjustment.
Price: $45.00

Additional Product Information
Important Specs and dimensions:

String Spacing = 2 1/8 in. (54mm)
Strings through both body and back of bridge
Brass angle drilled saddles for improved intonation

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