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SKU: T122G
This tailpiece is a gold-plated replica of the tailpiece used by Gibson on ES-175 model instruments from the mid 1950's up to the early 1960's. Comes complete with mounting screws and tailpiece hinge drilled to include center strap button. Strap button not included.
Price: $85.00

Additional Product Information
Important Specs and Dimensions:

String Spacing at tension bar = 2 1/8 in (54mm)
Tension bar overall width = 3 61/64 in. (100mm)
Tailpiece length not including hinge = 5 13/32 in. (137.5mm)
Length of Hinge to center of hinge loop = 2 11/32 in. (59.5mm)
Hinge width = 2 9/64 in. (54.4mm)
Strap button hole location = 1 13/64 in (30.7mm) below hinge loop center
Hinge mounting hole locations = 9/16 in. (14.3mm) above strap button hole center
Lower mounting hole location = 11/16 below center of strap button hole
Upper hinge mounting holes = 1 1/16 in. (27.1mm) apart centered above strap button hole

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