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SKU: AB-152R
This is the perfect archtop bridge. Easy to adjust, maximum sound transmission, and correctly spaced at 2.91 inches for easy replacement with a tune-o-matic bridge. The base of this bridge is extremely special as its design utilizing two feet with a hollow bottom rather than a solid mount base creates a self-seating feature not found on other archtop bridges. This makes our AB-152 bridge a step above all the rest in ease of use and reliability.
Price: $31.96

Additional Product Information
Due to new CITES regulations WD is temporarily unable to ship rosewood out of the United States until permit applications are approved.

Important Dimensions:

Mounting Base length = 5 23/64 inches
Mounting Base width = 37/64 inches
height of base mount = 3/8 inches

Height adjustment posts are 4mm width and threaded

Compensated Bridge Dimensions:
15/32 inches at height posts
Approx E to E string spacing centered = 2 1/16 inches
Height of Compensated bridge at center = 19/32 inches at center

Total height with base and compensated bridge at center point = 1 1/32 inches

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