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WD Music has spent thirty years developing relationships with the world’s finest manufacturers of pickguard material so that we can offer you this huge selection of pickguards or "scratchplates". We pioneered the field of aftermarket pickguards starting in 1978 and continue to be the leader in the niche we created in this industry. We manufacture guards for many of the best custom guitar builders as well as top of the line guitar manufacturers around the globe, and they refer their customers to us for replacement guards. We literally have something for everyone who has a guitar with a pickguard, and can even make one for those who don’t.

IMPORTANT - READ THIS FIRST: Guitar companies often modify existing models without changing the model name or number. Some manufacturers may have 10 instrument models that appear the same but will not fit properly to another model type they manufacture. When you receive your guard you should dry-fit it first before peeling the protective coating, installing parts on it or installing it on your instrument. Pick guards must be returned in the EXACT condition they were shipped to you in. Altered guards are non-returnable so please put the razor knife, file or sandpaper down! ANY REISSUE options are for U.S. manufacture unless otherwise noted in descriptions or drop down boxes. If you don’t see the EXACT guard you are looking for here that doesn’t mean we can’t make it. It just means you need to call 877-WDMUSIC or email OR and communicate with a real human being. We can make a "standard" pickguard with any combination of pickups and controls for a reasonable upcharge and all pickguards are available in left handed models by using the drop down box menus.

Think you can’t get it or can’t get it in the material you want? With the exception of some of the graphic material designs made in specific size blanks, all of our materials listed can be used to make the different manufacturers templates on our website as well as custom designs.

Custom pickguards are our specialty. Follow the instructions for making a correct tracing or drawing of what you envision or have and we will make it happen. And you will be amazed.

We try to maintain stock of the most popular models and materials but please know that most pickguards are manufactured to order. Orders with expedited shipping do get preferential treatment, but in most cases your guard will still have to be cut and is probably not going to ship when you think it will. Turn around time can vary from one to ten working days, possibly longer on custom pickguards depending on the demand, material and work load at any given time. Customer satisfaction is our main goal so be assured that we do the best we can to have your guard cut and shipped to you as fast as we can.

To find your pickguard you should really know your guitar so you know what you are ordering. Most manufacturers can provide you with model specifics if you are not familiar with the exact model of your instrument. If you have any questions or concerns please call or email us and we will try to assist. Sending a tracing to compare to our tooling is always recommended if you are unsure. We will do our best to make your pickguard shopping experience with WD Music Products a positive one.
2014 WD® Custom Pickguards Catalog
2014 WD® Custom Pickguards Catalog
Pickguards for Bass
Pickguards for guitar
Plastic Sheets
Backplates and Switch Covers
Acoustic Pickguards
Kent Armstrong® Prewired Pickup Assemblies
Tone-Guard® Aluminum, Brass, & Copper Pickguards

Rather order over the phone? Call the order hotline at 877-WDMUSIC

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