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Custom Pickguards

Custom Pickguard Tracing Instructions:

1) Please use only a clean, sharp-pointed writing instrument such as a pencil, pen, or fine tip roller pen. Do NOT use magic markers or anything with a wide tip.

2) Please trace carefully, top side up, on a piece of paper (standard printer/copier paper is recommended. (You may tape 2 pieces of paper together for oversized guards) Please do NOT use napkins, tracing paper, corrugated cardboard, etc. Also, faxes and photocopies are not acceptable.

3) Please do NOT cut out the tracing once completed. Please trace everything, pickup holes, switch slots, potentiometer holes, mounting screw holes and pickup height adjustment screw holes. If you are deleting, relocating or changing electronics on the pickguard, place them in the positions required. Pickup changes must show exact locations, dimensions and manufacturer.

4) Please do NOT send a box with your tracing. Folding the paper is perfectly acceptable.

5) Please mark your tracing with 2 forms of contact information IE: Your email and a day/night phone number.


Your custom guard can only be as good as your tracing, so take your time and follow the above instructions, as custom pickguards are NOT returnable.

Please remember to indicate the color of the pickguard that you're requesting and provide contact information for yourself so that we may notify you of the cost of your custom guard.

Send tracings to:

WD Music Products, Inc.
17570 N. Tamiami Trail Suite 1
North Fort Myers, FL 33903

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