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Kluson 2 Post Steel Block Tremolo Bridge

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Price $110.00 - $130.00
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Kluson® 2 Post Steel Block Tremolo Bridge

The Kluson® 2 Post Steel Block Tremolo is a contemporary tremolo bridge designed to directly replace the bridge systems for Fender® American Standard Series guitars from built from 1987 to 2016 or American Professional series guitars introduced in 2017. This tremolo combines the most popular features of the prior Fender® designs taking advantage of their shared mounting pattern.

Key improvements over the traditional bridge include a refined block finish, true matching plating colors, additional plating options nickel and black, and replacement components that can be combined with original Fender® bridge assemblies (sold separately).


The Fender® 2-point design introduced in 1987 featured a screw in tremolo arm and block saddles with an offset intonation screw (featured on the USA American Standard Series® and the USA Strat Plus®).

The American Deluxe® series incorporated two upgrade features; a pop-in tremolo arm and plated block saddles.

More recent, Fender®'s Professional Series Stratocaster® began using the traditional stamped steel saddles with a redesigned mounting plate for non-offset intonation screws.


Kluson® has taken what they feel are the best features of all three versions of the Fender® 2-point design and incorporated them into one bridge that serves as a replacement for all and offers builders an excellent option with recognizable features.


  • Matching plated saddles
  • Traditional screw-in tremolo arm
  • Kluson embossed stamped steel saddles
  • Angled tremolo block with extended range of motion
  • Direct replacement for Fender® part #099-2050-000 and right handed variants
  • Direct replacement for Fender® part #099-2004-000 and 007-7092-049
  • Milled brass block available separately part #K2PTSBB
  • All mounting hardware and allen wrench included
  • Select components including bridge block interchangeable with Fender® 2-point tremolo bridge systems
  • E to E spacing= 2 1/16 in. (52.5mm)
  • Block material= Steel
  • Bridge Stud spacing= 2 7/32 in. (56.5mm)
  • Stud Brass Insert O.D.= 25/64 in. (10mm)
  • Stud thread type= ¼ -28
  • Stud material= Steel
  • Allen Wrench= 3/64 in. (1.25mm)
  • Stud Thread ½ X 28 (same as US Fender®)