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Kent Armstrong® Rory Gallagher® Signature Tele®/Esquire® Replacement Pickups

Rory Gallagher influenced many great guitarists around the world to such extent that someone like Jimi Hendrix when asked in interview “What’s it like to be the best guitarist in the world?” responded with “I dunno, ask Rory Gallagher.” Kent Armstrong’s® Rory Gallagher series was created directly from the pickups currently residing in 7 of Rory’s most loved stage instruments including his world-renowned 1961 Fender® Stratocaster®. Kent Armstrong in partnership with the Gallagher family’s approval, hand measured and tested each of these pickups, then rebuilt them to their own unique specifications. This way you get exactly what is installed in Rory’s main instruments less the wear of time on the appearance. 6 of the 7 pickups recreations have been recreated using both Alnico 5 and Alnico 3 magnets. The Alnico 5 versions are a bit punchier and brighter with a sharper attack and response as if the pickups were new. This gives you the ability to reproduce the tone Rory had in the mid to late 1960’s with his band Taste. If you choose the Alnico 3 versions you are able to recreate the aged, warmer tones from the more recent recordings and performances in his career. They share the warmth and tone you would expect picking up one of those guitars today and plugging it in to your favorite amp.

Everyone knows that there were variances in vintage pickups. Some were better than others. These are the pickups that Rory used on his recordings and on stage where his epic performances still resonate in the hearts of fans and guitarists alike. All these sets are hand-built in Kent Armstrong’s® shop in Vermont. You can’t get any closer to the mojo without owning the originals!

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2014 Kent Armstrong® Product Catalog
2014 Kent Armstrong® Product Catalog
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