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Kent Armstrong Vintage Series Magnum PAF Style Humbucker Pickup

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Kent Armstrong® Vintage Series Magnum PAF Style Humbucker Pickup

This pickup design has sweet, soulful tones with a warm bass, punchy mids, and a bright, jangly treble response. Very reminiscent of a vintage PAF but with enhanced string definition and sounds great with foot pedal effects for great warm vintage tone. 12 individually adjustable pole pieces make this a very versatile pickup, giving better magnetic balance between the two coils. The reason why most people take the covers off their pickups is to get more power because the slugs are too far from the strings in comparison the screw pole pieces. Now you can have full power, plus total shielding in a covered pickup. 4 conductor wiring allows coil splitting, series/parallel, phase inversion, and more.


  • Magnet Type = Alnico 5
  • D.C.resistance = 8.95k Ohms
  • Inductance (henrys) = 4.87
  • Magnet dimensions = 58mm long X 3mm thick X 12.5mm wide
  • This pickup is sold in other countries using part # HPAN-1-12
  • Pickup dimensions = 2 3/4 inches long X 1 1/2 inches wide
  • Lead Type = 4 conductor

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