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Kent Armstrong opened the archives for this replication of a 1952 Tele® single coil bridge pickup using authentic 42 gauge Formvar wire and alnico 3 magnets for that true vintage tone that everyone demands from the boutique winders. Finally Kent added a stainless steel base plate to ensure the magnetic field is not absorbed by a magnetic plate lessening the field strength. Now these great pickups are available to you for a fraction of the cost! Chrome covered neck position available as a partner using part # TVTC1N.

DONT FORGET that if you're going to go put these great pickups in your guitar to try the new oil-filled WD Tone Caps and WD designed-custom made CTS 250K pots that you can't get anywhere else. We have these made special and you can't get 'em anywhere else! See the shop by brand link on our homepage for ease in locating all of our brand name items.
Price: $88.95

Additional Product Information
Important Specs and Dimensions:

Resistance = 6.0KOhms
Wire Type = Formvar
Leads = Cloth Pushback
Base Plate = Stainless Steel
Magnet Type = Alnico 3

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