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Pickguards for Bass

Please note: Guitar companies often modify existing models without changing the model name or number. ANY REISSUE options are for U.S. manufacture unless otherwise noted. If you don’t see the EXACT guard you are looking for here that doesn’t mean we can’t make it. It just means you need to call 877-WDMUSIC or email OR and communicate with a real human being. We can make a "standard" pickguard with any combination of pickups and controls for a reasonable upcharge and all pickguards are available in left handed models.

We try to maintain stock of the most popular models and materials but please know that most pickguards are manufactured to order. Orders with expedited shipping do get preferential treatment, but your guard is probably not going to ship when you think it will. Turn around time can vary from one working day to ten, possibly longer on customs, depending on the demand and work load at any given time. Customer satisfaction is our main goal; please understand that we are doing the best we can as fast as we can.
2014 WD® Custom Pickguards Catalog
2014 WD® Custom Pickguards Catalog
Fender® Bass Pickguards
Gibson® Bass Pickguards
Musicman Bass Pickguards
Peavey Bass Pickguards
Rickenbacker Bass Pickguards

Rather order over the phone? Call the order hotline at 877-WDMUSIC

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