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Fender® Signature Series Bass Pickguards

WD offers many more Fender® signature pickguards than shown here. WD also manufactures many CIJ, and MIM models. Due to a variety of manufacturing changes over the years many guards require tracings so we can both know that you are getting the pickguard that will fit your guitar. We have a HUGE library of templates dating back over thirty years, so if you don’t see your model that doesn’t mean we don’t make it, it just means you’ll have to call 800-449-9348 ext. 112 or email
2014 WD® Custom Pickguards Catalog
2014 WD® Custom Pickguards Catalog
Fender® Roscoe Beck Iv (4 String) Bass
Fender® Roscoe Beck V (5-String) Bass
Fender® Jazz Bass® Geddy Lee
Fender® Jazz Bass® Mark Hoppus
Fender® Tony Franklin® Signature Series Precison Bass
Fender® Mike Dirnt Signature Precision Bass®

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