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The perfect combination of mass and hardness for unparalleled clarity and sustain

This exclusive tungsten sustain blocks for Floyd Rose® tremolo bridges offers the highest density available in a tremolo block that conforms to the original size specifications of your Floyd Rose® bridge. When it comes to sustain, the single most important property of a metal is density followed by hardness. Tungsten is denser than titanium and more than twice as dense as brass. To equal the mass of this tungsten sustain block, you would need a titanium block 4 times the size and a brass block double the dimensions of our tungsten block.
Why are density and mass important to sound and sustain? A fixed guitar bridge efficiently transmits string vibration from the bridge to the body through a large contact area but tremolo bridges are limited by a few very small attachment points. A great deal of resonance is lost to the bridge through the tremolo springs because the springs absorb and dissipate vibration very well. This is one of the reasons expensive studio microphones are suspended by springs to isolate external vibrations. A high density sustain block means greater mass which means less string vibration transmitted to the springs and more in the bridge where it belongs.
Soft metals absorb sound and cancel sustain. No other sustain block offers the perfect combination of mass and hardness. With this tungsten sustain block, every note will be brighter with a noticeable increase in clarity and sustain.
Price: $154.95

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