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SKU: STQ-216
Please note that this pickguard's mounting hole pattern will only fit genuine Fender® U.S. (post 1963) or Fender® made in Mexico (post 2002) Stratocasters® with two single coils in the neck and middle position, and a standard humbucker in the bridge position located 3/8 inches from a vintage/standard bridge cutout. *** If you put a Floyd Rose bridge rout on this template it affects the amount of material between the bridge cut out and the bridge pickup because the Floyd Rose bridge rout is a deeper cut. It will not fit Squier® or any Fender® production instruments from Korea, Japan, Indonesia or China manufacturing facilities.

This pickguard was designed in the 1970's when many players were removing the bridge single coil pickup and routing the body to install a humbucker in the bridge position. We have also added options to have alternate Floyd Rose bridge routing or the identical humbucker cutout in both middle and neck positions for a $10.00 upcharge on each change so you can order this guard as a H-S-S, H-H-S or H-H-H combination. Not all pickup manufacturers use a standard sized cover for their pickups. If you are unsure please contact us for verification.

This uses the same mounting hole pattern as current Fender® Stratocaster® guitars but is not a current Fender® Stratocaster® production guard. For current Fender production of H-S-S pickup pattern see the STL-200 series pickguard template.

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Additional Product Information

This guard is now available in two different spacings for location of the bridge humbucker. To determine the spacing you need measure the width of plastic between the center of the bridge cutout to the nearest edge of the humbucker cutout.
The two spacings are 19/32 in. (.60 distance) from center of bridge cut out to closest edge center of the bridge humbucker OR 3/8 inch (.37 in.) spacing to determine the bridge humbucker location.

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