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Evertune F Model 6 String Bridge for Strat Style Guitars

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Evertune® F Model Bridge for Strat Style Guitars

The patented EverTune® saddles balance the string tension of guitar strings precisely so that, once you tune your guitar, strings stay in tune forever.

The benefits of EverTune are many, and one of the biggest is intonation. Intonation is how in tune each note is on each fret.
Many guitars have spots where notes are always sharp. An example of this would be the first fret when a high nut is installed. Also the frets above 15 are usually sharp.
Because many of these intonation issues are caused by varying pressure, EverTune is the only technology that can provide perfect intonation for each note on each fret throughout the whole fretboard. If the frets are correctly placed, EverTune will play them all in tune even if a player squeezes the string too hard.

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