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SKU: AB-152G
This ebony bridge will fit most archtop guitars and features and compensated wood saddle and gold plating on thumbwheel and posts. The base of this bridge is extremely special as it's design utilizing two feet with a hollow bottom rather than a solid mount base creates a self-seating feature not found on other archtop bridges. This makes our AB-152 bridge a step above all the rest in ease of use and reliability.
Price: $45.88

Additional Product Information
Important Dimensions:

Mounting Base length = 5 23/64 inches
Mounting Base width = 37/64 inches
height of base mount = 3/8 inches

Height adjustment posts are 4mm width and threaded

Compensated Bridge Dimensions:
15/32 inches at height posts
Approx E to E string spacing centered = 2 1/16 inches
Height of Compensated bridge at center = 19/32 inches at center

Total height with base and compensated bridge at center point = 1 1/32 inches

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