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WD Music Products is very proud to be able to offer you a great selection of finished and unfinished Fender® replacement bodies for P Bass®, Jazz Bass®, Stratocaster® and Telecaster® guitars. All of these high-quality guitar bodies are made of either Alder or USA Swamp Ash. Our finished bodies are now made with authentic vintage Fender® colors matched from a vintage Fender® color chart from the late 1950's. The super thin poly clear coat lets the wood resonate much better than other manufacturers replacement bodies. Check out all the new colors!
WD Premium® Finished Strat® Replacement Bodies
Unfinished Strat® Replacement Bodies
WD Premium® Finished Tele® Replacement Bodies
Unfinished Tele® Replacement Bodies
WD Premium® Lightweight Unfinished Replacement Bodies
Unfinished Bass Bodies
WD Premium® Finished Bass Bodies
Tele® B Bender Bodies

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