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Big Bends Nut Sauce Groove Luber

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Big Bends Nut Sauce® Groove Luber™

The concept of Nut Sauce® is simple. Stop the string drag or friction at the nut and string guides. Reduce string breakage at the bridge and saddles by reducing friction and wear from the see-saw action of hard playing, especially with a thick pick. It's no secret that guitar players for years have used pencil lead, Vaseline®, lip balm, and many other things to help keep their guitars in tune. With a technical background that extends to lubricants, Big Bends approached the problem with a scientific perspective and finally created Big Bends Nut Sauce®. The criteria was simple - it had to be non-toxic, non-corrosive, created with state-of-the-art lubricants, could not affect the finish of your guitar, and had to be so thick that it would stay where you put it (that means in the nut slots, under the string guides or on the bridge or saddles). Nut Sauce® meets this criteria and more. Available in single tubes of 0.5 cc, 1.5 cc or packs of 12 with a store display. Also available in 6 cc tubes.



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