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Leave your rack at home. The MixPro is a dual input belt clip preamp/mixer that will allow you to perfectly combine two of just about any sort of pickup or mini-mic. It places every essential control you need right at your fingertips eliminating the need to butcher a prize guitar for on-board electronics - or to carry around a heavy, clunky rack. The MixPro provides 'phantom' power to both channels and, when it is used with the buffer jack accessory, you can say goodbye to batteries on your guitar! Under the hood you will find the great sounding innovative circuitry that you've come to expect from LR Baggs. First, just like the best mic preamps available, the circuitry is 100% Class A and discrete from input to output. Secondly, you will find every control you need to easily tune each pickup to perfectly compliment the other. Then, for the ultimate sweetness, the combined signal is routed then through an entirely passive EQ. We think that you will find that the MixPro is so easy to use and sounds so good that you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.
Price: $249.00

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