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"There are three key features that are unique to the LB6. First, the pickup itself is a saddle that has six individual sensors, one per string, cast right into it. Because the sensors are an integral part of the connection between the strings and guitar body, maximum sensitivity and signal transfer is guaranteed. Second, the sensors themselves are responsive to vibration as well as to pressure. This blends the natural warmth of the body vibrations with the presence and attack of the strings. Third, the LB6 contains an exclusive feedback inhibiting circuit. It is the most feedback resistant, non-magnetic acoustic guitar pickup available. If you play acoustic guitar loud but still want it to sound acoustic, you owe it to yourself to check out the LB6. The saddle materials are chosen to conduct sound like the original saddle. It will not alter the acoustic tone of the guitar perceptibly nor will it change its look. It can be shaped, sanded and intonated just like the original saddle. The pickup has a high output and may be plugged directly into most guitar amps or effects. It is 100% shielded and it is whisper quiet. Each pickup is individually hand built with pride to insure the highest level of performance and reliability.r"
Price: $129.00

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